Buy VNDC directly with bank transfer

Benefit from an interest rate of 12,79%/year and easily exchange to other digital assets including BTC, ETH, USDT, USDS

Step 1:

At the home screen of VNDC Wallet mobile app, scroll down and tap on Buy VNDC.

Step 2:

In the Buy Online tab, type in the amount of VNDC you want to buy in the provided box (1 VNDC = 1 VND).

Note: For your convenience, you can pick any of the available bank in the provided list to send the money.


Step 3:

The next screen will show you all necessary transfer details to make the transaction.

Use your bank's mobile app or other money transferring methods to send the money and finish the Buy VNDC process. We can only exchange your VND for VNDC after the money has been transferred successfully.


  • Details of Payment (Transaction details) must be typed in exactly as given on this screen to ensure there will not be a loss of transferred money.
  • You can use the Copy buttons on the screen to quickly copy the necessary information for your money transferring process.


You will also receive a confirmation email for your VNDC deposit order with the transfer information:


Note: Depending on the bank that handles the transfer, it may take up to a few hours after the transfer for the order to be completed.

Should you encounter any difficulty during this process, feel free to contact us at:

If you made a mistake while placing your VNDC deposit order or want to cancel your order, you can follow these steps:

Step 1:

From the VNDC Wallet Home screen, scroll down and tap on Buy VNDC. There will be a line on the Buy VNDC screen: "You have a pending transaction." Tap "Details":


Step 2:

Tap "Cancel the order":

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