Install VNDC Wallet on your mobile phone

Quickly verify your account (KYC). Enjoy all features anywhere, anytime

Download the application at:

App Store (iOS):

Google Play Store (Android):


After downloading the application, you can create your new account by following these steps:

Step 1:

Open VNDC Wallet on your mobile phone. Switch between the welcome screens with the button (>). Tap "Sign up" on the last welcome screen. Fill in the required information: Name, Phone number/Email, and Password. Tap "Create a new account".


Step 2:

Open your mailbox and check the email from VNDC with the title: “Activate your account at VNDC”. Tap "Activate" or tap the URL link below the button to activate your account.


Step 3:

Return to the VNDC Wallet app. Sign in with your Email address and Password (the same credentials used for step 1) and tap Sign in. The OTP Verification code screen appears.


Step 4:

In this screen, type in the exact 4 digits of the OTP Verification code. You should be able to find the code in the email or phone number you used in the registration process. Tap Verify.


Step 5:

A popup appears and asks for your Fingerprint authentication (Or FaceID authentication). Scan your fingerprint (or use FaceID) to log into the app with your biometrics the next time you sign in.


Step 6:

Verify your account (eKYC) using this guide.

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