Add bank account/mobile wallet to VNDC Wallet to deposit/withdraw money

2 simple steps to connect your bank account/digital wallet to start buying and selling VNDC

Adding your Bank account/Digital wallet is compulsory before you can sell VNDC for VND. This process must be completed before you place a direct Sell VNDC order or a Sell VNDC order with a VNDC Business Partner.

2 simple steps to quickly add your Bank account/Digital wallet to VNDC Wallet app is as follow:

Step 1:

Go to the "Add Payment Method" screen with the button furthest on the right on the bottom navigation bar. In this screen, tap on “Add account” or “Add wallet” depending on which one you want to use with VNDC Wallet.


Step 2:

  • Adding a Bank account: Choose your bank in the list of VNDC partner banks in the "Choose a payment method" box. Type in your account ID in the first box.
  • Adding a digital wallet: Choose the digital wallet you are using currently in the list of partner wallets. In the first box, type in the phone number you used to register for that wallet.


  • When adding Bank accounts, you don't have to type in the Branch Address or Full Name.
  • Make sure you have correctly put in the information to avoid withdrawing money to the wrong account - to prevent loss of funds or legal issues.


Should you encounter any difficulty during this process, feel free to contact us at:

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