Account Verification on your mobile app (eKYC)

Verify your account (KYC) to receive your rewards, start exchanging cryptocurrencies and use other advanced features on VNDC Wallet Pro

After finishing the registration process, you can follow this guide to verify your account (eKYC) and start using advanced features within the VNDC Wallet Pro application:

Step 1:

Open Settings using the top left button. In this menu, tap on Account Verification (KYC).


Step 2:

Prepare the required documents (National ID, or Passport). Tap Start.


Step 3:

Fill in the required information. Please note:

  • If you use your Passport for verification, please choose "Passport" in box (1).
  • Name: Please put in the exact name as written on your National ID/Passport.
  • Birthday: In order to pick your birthday using the provided interface, first, tap on the year (2) and choose your correct birth year. Next, swipe left or right to switch between months. Lastly, tap on the correct date.


Tap Next when you have finished putting in the information.

Step 4:

Fit your National ID/Passport within the picture frame and take a picture. Please note:

  • Make sure the picture taken is not blurry, is taken directly int, with no glare, and all information fully visible.
  • If the prompt asking for permission to Take pictures and Record audio appear, please tap "Allow".


Tap Next when you are finished.

Step 5:

Align your face to the frame and take a picture with you front camera. Please make sure the taken picture is sharp, taken directly in the front, without glare. Tap Next when you're finished.


Step 6:

In this screen, put in the 4 digits of the OTP Verification code. You should be able to find the code in the email or phone number you used in the registration process. Tap Verify.


Step 7:

A popup appears to notify that your Account Verification (eKYC) process has been completed successfully. After dismissing the popup, please log into your account again.

Please note: after submission, your Account Verification (eKYC) application can take 3-10 days to be approved.

Should you have any difficulty completing this process, please contact us through:

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