Explore smart features on the Home screen

Make the most out of the VNDC Wallet app with these smart features right on the Home screen

In this article, you will find 6 tips on how to make the best use out of your VNDC Wallet app to have a better experience:

1. Hide cryptocurrency wallets with a balance of 0:

To hide cryptocurrency wallets with a balance of 0 from your Home screen, you can use this toggle:


2. Access the Notification Center for your account activities:

From the Home screen, tap the Notification (Bell) button on the top right corner (see image) to have a list of all the recent notifications for your account:


3. Check cryptocurrency market fluctuations and current prices with Market Charts:

To have a quick look at the fluctuation of exchange rates between cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, USDT and VNDC, you can tap on the Market Charts button on the top right corner of the Home screen:


The Market screen shows you the latest exchange rates between different cryptocurrencies and VNDC, recent price changes (in percentage) and charts illustrating price trends in recent time periods.


4. Quickly access useful external sources and reputable exchange platforms in the External section:

Scroll down on your Home screen to see a list of External sources. Currently, the linked sources are:

  • Nami Exchange: Cryptocurrency exchange with leverage up to 1:100, easy Futures exchanges and high liquidity.
  • Trustdex: Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange using Blockchain with high liquidity, fast processing time, strict security and effective customer support.
  • Crypto For Life: A fundraising campaign for public health against Covid-19 pandemic organized by the Association of Young Entrepreneurs Vietnam, Vietnamese Fatherland Front, Stably and VNDC.


5. Discover useful information on Blockchain, Finance and Cryptocurrency in the Knowledge section:

The Knowledge section is at the bottom of the Home screen with articles on investment, personal finance, Blockchain technology, market analysis and latest news on VNDC. Tap "View all" to see all articles.


6. System settings and other useful features in the Settings menu:

From the Home screen, open the Settings menu by tapping on the icon on the top left corner:


In the Settings menu, you can:

  • Check your profile
  • Change your password
  • Edit/remove the Broker status of your Referrer (this affects the person's referral commission)
  • Turn on/off bio-metric login (Touch ID/Face ID)
  • Turn on/off notifications
  • Add or delete Trusted devices
  • Verify your account (how to verify your account (eKYC))
  • Change the language of the interface


Other useful features for you to explore:

  • Social media links: Connect with the VNDC community through Zalo, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, Youtube and Medium
  • Help center: Contact our Customer Support team through live chatting
  • About: Redirect to our homepage with a detailed introduction about VNDC Stablecoin, features of the VNDC Wallet Pro application, and the VNDC team
  • FAQ: Detailed walk-throughs to help you start using and master all features within the VNDC Wallet Pro app
  • Hotline to contact VNDC
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