Buy BTC, ETH, USDT and other assets easily with credit cards

For VNDC users in countries around the world to buy Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and other cryptocurrencies easier, VNDC now supports payment with different fiat currencies with credit cards, via our partner - Simplex.

By performing the following procedure on the VNDC Wallet Pro application, VNDC users can easily own any desired asset:

Step 1:

On the main screen of the VNDC Wallet application, select the type of cryptos you want to buy in the Wallet section (in this procedure, the asset to be purchased is USDT).


Then the USDT Wallet appears, press the "Buy USDT" button to start purchasing.


Step 2:

On the "Buy USDT" screen, there would be 2 input boxes appear:

  • Amount: enter the amount of assets you want to buy, and press the arrow to the right of the input box to select 1 of 4 currency units: EUR, USD, JPY, VND to pay (in this procedure, the number of assets to buy is 50 USDT, the payment currency is EUR)
  • Payment method: default payment method "Simplex - Buy Crypto with Credit Card".

Next, after pressing the yellow "Buy" button.


The "Confirm" screen would appear, showing the amount of assets you want to buy, the exchange rate difference (in this example, USDT/EUR), and the total amount you will pay with your credit card. Press the "Pay Now" button for the next step.



  • The exchange rate is provided by Simplex
  • The currency depends on your card provider.

Step 3:

The “Simplex Checkout” screen will then appear two main sections:

  • Order summary: shows the amount of asset you want to buy (50 USDT), and the total amount you need to pay (55.13 EUR) after the exchange rate has been applied.
  • Card details: requires you to enter accurate information of your valid credit card.


After ticking box(es) and clicking the "Next" button, you will be required to enter the "Billing Address" of your credit card, and your information in the "Personal details" section.

After filling in all the information, press the “Pay now” button to make payment. Your card will be verified and the transaction will be completed. 



  • With first-time purchasing, you will be required to provide information and pictures of your ID/passport.

Should you encounter any difficulty during this process, feel free to contact us at:

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